Steve Jobs lacks faith in Tim Cook – May kill iPhone 5

Recently Rumors have been spreading that the upcoming Apple launch will be revealing an iPhone 4s rather than the much anticipated iPhone 5. These rumors started when:

“The most recent iTunes developer beta includes several references to a CDMA iPhone 4S”


 “Apple’s inventory system contains references to an iPhone 4S as well, under the codename “N94AP.””

We here at Brandspiel decided to get in touch with a contact we have inside Apple and see what information she would be able to provide us on this matter.

After finally getting in-touch with our Apple contact we were shocked to discover that she was unable to confirm what would be launching early this October; but instead, was able to tell us that there is a major buzz around the office that both projects do exist and are slated for a tentative launch. Since the product launch is outside her department she is unable to confirm anything but continues on to say that the “watercooler talk” suggests that Steve Jobs lacks faith in Tim Cook‘s ability to carry a product launch of this magnitude and will be checking projections and making a “last minute decision” in order to decide which product to launch.

If the iPhone 5 is launches the projections look good for Apple, Verizion will receive the slimmed down iPhone 4s and it will be full steam ahead  for other providers with a phone boasting specs along the lines of:

  • A 4 inch larger screen
  • An 8 MP camera
  • NFC Chip reading technology
  • 4G LTE support
  • Internal Antenna
  • USB 3.0 compatibility
  • 64GB of Cloud Storage
  • HDMI Output Support
  • And of course, A5 Core Chip

On the other hand, if projections don’t look good Jobs himself could halt the launch of the iPhone 5 forcing Cook to launch the iPhone 4s on that day, who knows what faith this will bring to the launch of the iPhone 5, and to Apple as a company.

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