Apple Siri Voice Recognition Assistant #letstalkiphone

One of the most innovative features put forward by Apple in this new iPhone 4s launch is the Siri voice recognition assistant. Supposedly one of the most flexible voice recognition systems on the planet Siri will accept commands like: 

“Find me a Greek restaurant in Palo Alto”

or “When am I free on Friday” “You are free after 12pm on Friday” “Please enter a meeting for Friday at 2pm with Phil” and Siri will book the appointment.

Siri is capable of searching the internet, booking appointments, reading texts via bluetooth, dailing, searching and taking notes. Siri is not only a system for taking voice to digital text but Siri also interprets data, pictures,  and information to reply to your questions.

Siri can define words Wolfram Alpha definitions, help you search for the best deals on shopping and check your stocks

Siri fully supports English, French and German; and can over come Accents and understands contextual language and slang

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