The Google Papers #1 – Theories of Human Meta-location in Search

ISBN: 978-0-9868505-1-6 (C) Adam Cochran

I’m proud to announce today the official publication of my first social media white paper.

This paper explores the concept of utilizing existing Google analytic data, as well as user entered data via Google+ to create a systematic method for Google to decide the current physical state and emotion of a user.

By discovering the physical state and emotion of a user Google would be able to tailor the search results in a more user-oriented manner rather rely solely on link authority and other current SERP concepts.

The Paper examines two case studies to show the practical nature of how this concept could be utilized and goes on to discuss what the logical query process would need to be in order for Google to use this concept.

The book is available free of charge here on  or can be purchased in Kindle format on Amazon for only $0.99

The paper can be used, shared and referenced in any means so long as credit is given to the original author and a backlink is placed to the website at

I hope you enjoy the first of many research papers put forth by myself and Brandspiel.

Feel free to create a dialogue on this matter in the comment sections below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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