A Night with Google Coverage – Entrepreneurship Part 1

On October 5th we at Brandspiel had the great honor of attending the #anightwithgoogle speaker series at the Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Over the next few days we are going to be releasing our coverage of this event, keynote lectures from the speakers and backstage interviews.

To get things started we’ve got  Ray Reddy, former CEO of Pushlife and now lead of the Google Mobile Commerce team discussing entrepreneurship and startups. Due to Ray’s lengthy presentation we are going to split our discussion of it into two halves. First we will have a look at Ray’s background and the journey to start Pushlife and then follow up later with the Google acquisition, what it’s like working at Google, and Ray’s advice to young entrepreneurs.

In 2008 Ray Reddy founded a company he called “PushLife” with the hope to start immerse mobile markets in which people could shop, play and communicate in this unrestrained market. While Pushlife started as primarily a mobile commerce platform for music (and ringtones) it quickly evolved and became the mobile sales platform for a major Canadian mobile service provider by the name of Bell Canada.

 After that the path was clear for PushLife, the mobile market offered unparalleled convergence in one vertical, you had advanced hardware systems that were subsidized by the carriers and could now offer users their home computer, camera, day planner and a store in their pocket for low competitive prices.

“To put it in perspective” Ray says, “there are 140 million Camera’s sold world wide per year. However, Android is pushing 200 million devices world wide this year and they are only one player in the mobile market but suddenly there are 200 million more cameras out there.” That’s 200 million more digital application compatible cameras ready to share, upload, sell and purchase, applications, filters and photos.

The simple principle that Ray followed with PushLife was one he had observed from innovation giants such as Apple and Google, in the “Camera Case” above it was simple, “Don’t compete with the Camera; change what a Camera is!” suddenly by adding mobile network connections and other tools to your camera you have changed the game and that is the innovative connection that Mobile Networks and Mobile Commerce could provide.

After continuing to expand the innovative mobile commerce platform and expand the profitability of this vertical PushLife was acquired by Google in 2011 for the price of $25,000,000 (We suggested drinks were on Ray tonight – but he just laughed!), Ray and his team now lead up Google’s mobile commerce network and continue to build on mobile sales and applications.

Check back soon where we will be posting Ray’s advice to Startups, Ray’s time at Google, the full audio interview with Ray and talks from other Googlers!

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