Apple iTunes Match now open World Wide – Pay for Pirated Music #letstalkiphone

Apple announces that iTunes Match is now available world wide for the price of $24.99 you can take all your pirated music matching it with a legitimate copy on the iTunes Apple Music Cloud and get it made official (matching it with cover album art, correcting the name and providing a higher quality copy).

Apple and the Record industry developed this tool too allow users to get better quality copies of their ripped music and it has expanded in a way to fight against piracy by allowing users to buy thousands of legitimate songs for only $24.99


iCloud Daily Multi-System Backup #letstalkiphone

Another great new feature rolling out from the Apple ThinkLab is the new iCloud feature (which is free for iOS 5 up to 5GB). Configure your settings and each day you can back up and sync:

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • and Apps

The most exciting feature is that your iCloud will be accessible from your iPhone, iTouch, iPad and any MacBook

Apple Vs Blackberry – Apple iChat #letstalkiphone

Apple makes another shocking feature announcement striking right at the core of the Blackberry Operating System – Apple’s version of BBM the Apple iChat which will allow you to text unlimited sized texts to other iPhone users free of cost.

While the iChat will use small amounts of data it is a great alternative to text and will eventually allow users to message Mac users as well as iPhone users based on a single AppleID

Apple vs Hallmark – Apple Card App #letstalkiphone

This October 5th at the Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” event Apple announced a new “Card App” that will allow you to design and develop your own Greeting Cards

Pick the picture and text and make a purchase and Apple will mail the Greeting Card to the location of your choice. Apple states it plans to target “The Everyday user” with more Apps and services created by Apple.

Apple has a strong history of taking on new industries and creating a market dominance. For only $2.99 in US and $4.99 around the world your customized card can melt the heart of your loved ones without needing to head to Hallmark.

Facebook Update Stalled by Lawsuit

(Picture Source

Tensions rise today as Facebook continues to fight Chicago based company “Timelines” in court. The legal battle has resulted in a judge forcing Facebook to push back the public launch of the Facebook Timelines update and to report how many users are switching on the Timelines developer feature each day.

The initial claim filled by Timeline in a Chicago District court states:

Facebook’s use of the term “Timeline,” and its redirection of Internet traffic from Timelines’ Facebook page to Facebook’s new “Timeline” offering, infringes on Timelines’ federally registered trademarks in that it causes confusion as to the source of the services offered to users of the Internet. Indeed, Facebook’s “Timeline” offering and its misdirection of users attempting to access Timelines’ offering is intended to prevent Internet users from accessing information about and to allow users to instead use Facebook’s “Timeline” offering.

As this legal battle continues it is important to note that even the news coverage of the Facebook Timeline feature has bumped “Timelines” off the top list for their own keyword on Google and would ultimately destroy their entire business model in one foul swoop.

Both Facebook and Timelines will be meeting tomorrow before the Chicago Court to decide the fate of the Facebook Timelines feature. While it is most likely only a mild blow to Facebook it could end up being a devastating one for Timelines.

Steve Jobs lacks faith in Tim Cook – May kill iPhone 5

Recently Rumors have been spreading that the upcoming Apple launch will be revealing an iPhone 4s rather than the much anticipated iPhone 5. These rumors started when:

“The most recent iTunes developer beta includes several references to a CDMA iPhone 4S”


 “Apple’s inventory system contains references to an iPhone 4S as well, under the codename “N94AP.””

We here at Brandspiel decided to get in touch with a contact we have inside Apple and see what information she would be able to provide us on this matter.

After finally getting in-touch with our Apple contact we were shocked to discover that she was unable to confirm what would be launching early this October; but instead, was able to tell us that there is a major buzz around the office that both projects do exist and are slated for a tentative launch. Since the product launch is outside her department she is unable to confirm anything but continues on to say that the “watercooler talk” suggests that Steve Jobs lacks faith in Tim Cook‘s ability to carry a product launch of this magnitude and will be checking projections and making a “last minute decision” in order to decide which product to launch.

If the iPhone 5 is launches the projections look good for Apple, Verizion will receive the slimmed down iPhone 4s and it will be full steam ahead  for other providers with a phone boasting specs along the lines of:

  • A 4 inch larger screen
  • An 8 MP camera
  • NFC Chip reading technology
  • 4G LTE support
  • Internal Antenna
  • USB 3.0 compatibility
  • 64GB of Cloud Storage
  • HDMI Output Support
  • And of course, A5 Core Chip

On the other hand, if projections don’t look good Jobs himself could halt the launch of the iPhone 5 forcing Cook to launch the iPhone 4s on that day, who knows what faith this will bring to the launch of the iPhone 5, and to Apple as a company.

What Mashable Missed About Poke Culture.

Sorry Pete, no hard feelings – but you put my favorite feature on the chopping block; I need to break it down for you.

There is a simple reason why people love poking. As they said “what is poking anyway?”, what does it mean? Am I flirting, saying hello, trying to get your attention? Well the big secret is it doesn’t mean any of these things. In fact it doesn’t mean anything at all; but that’s exactly why it captures our attention.

Curiosity is a trait that many species have, most prominently of course humans. It was a trait initially utilized for finding food, shelter or understand basic functions of the world around us. As we evolved so did curiosity until it became a near thirst for us. It’s the same reason why if you tell a young child to not push the big red button; they will most likely push the big red button.

When it comes to poking the social phenomenon  around it’s reception is created because in our modern society are so well versed in communication we are used to human antics being pretty straight forward. I understand your body language, I understand your tone, I understand your sentences – but what the hell is this “poke”?

Human curiosity gets away from us, are you flirting with me? Are you saying hello? Are you bored? I don’t get it what is it!? It will flat out drive you mad, but it will captivate you entirely.

The people in Facebook marketing department are no new comers to the theories of psychology surrounding human communication new, and the Poke made it’s début early on in Facebook as a great way to get people to come join Facebook:

“Janet just Poked me? What? Better check this out!”

In fact in 2007/2008 while working at an IT Firm as an Internet Marketing Specialist, I preformed a sampling survey of Facebook users in order to determine where they were most active in engaging other people. Here are the results:

On average of those surveyed the data showed that nearly 12% of total Facebook actions were a Poke. Now this data is from quite a few years ago, I’m sure it’s a different landscape – our data from this time also shows the average age of a Facebook user to be somewhere around 14-18. Yet, I don’t think we can truly under estimate the value of the poke and how it used. Even in this survey an astounding 12% of user activity was spent poking; more than messaging.

Prior to the survey I had never dealt with the poke, but when I got to thinking about it I realized it was this handy little nuance that Facebook had created.

The flirters could flirt, the hipsters could be ironic and the kids could have their poke wars. Poking became this meld-able  fluid concept allowing different interactions for different users. It is also the tool on Facebook that I have found people are second most likely to respond to you by. The first being messages. (On a rather ironic note, even though wall posts comprise over 30% of traffic from my 07/08 studies, the response was one-sided 75%+ of the time. Meaning that roughly 42.5% of interactions with Facebook with one-sided and non-conversational. Messages actually had the highest rating of two-way conversation, even before Facebook chat. This means nearly half the time you spent on Facebook you were really just hoping someone was listening while you talked to yourself.)

With Poking being an initial two-way culture, a way to invite, a way to flirt and a way to bug the hell out of your mother when she can’t figure out where the button is, you can rest assured that it wont be gone for too long. There is a large Poke cult out there and they have noticed that the poke is missing; and I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see it back with-in the next month tops.

Yet, I think the biggest thing we are missing is that we’re not hot girls and thus will never truly understand how many pokes can be thrown our way.

(P.S. – Even without a button you can still poke people you have currently been poking, Facebook recently made poking notification worthy, and gave it a new user interface on the Blackberry version of Facebook mobile. Odd move if they plan to kill it)

*The data in this article is comprised of excerpts of data from a 2007-2008 series of independent surveys preformed by myself. They were done on study sampling groups and may not fully account for the entire representation of the average Facebook user.

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