A number of people have recently inquired about a number of my services. Find below the prices/details of available services:

Writing Services:

I am available for a number of writing services including, blog posts, ghost writing, and more. Prices range from $0.03 per word to $0.15 per word dependent on content. Do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.

Sales Letters and Press Releases have a standard set price of $75

Product Launch Co-ordination:

As a product developer you’re a busy person during the time of your launch and you need someone to help co-ordinate your affiliates, product information exposure and the general work flow of your launch. As someone experienced in  Product Launch I will co-ordinate your entire team and launch while you put the final touches on your product. This package costs $2000 +5% of opening week sales in order to employ my services for your launch and pre-launch (the month prior to your launch date). [If you do not have the $2000 but a promising product we can discuss higher percent payouts]

Review Posting:

Looking to get your product reviewed as a focus product in a popular blog? will give you a detailed and honest featured product review in our blog for the competitive price of only $25 per product

Social Media Management:

Need someone who has experience in running corporate and promotional twitter accounts, facebook pages, facebook ads and more? Look no further. Willing to meet competitive rates.

All Other Services:

While you can still contact me to negotiate other services, unless otherwise noted the average rate is $32/hr

How to Contact:

adamscottcochran(at) (Subject: Hire via Brandspiel)

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