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Savings Head North – Google Offers Canada

Google Offers Canada Another great titbit of news that managed to work its way out during the #anightwithgoogle event was that Google Offers is coming to Canada!

While Google offers currently offers American service in 13 major American cities and is rolling out to 28 more in the coming months.

But at the A Night With Google conference Ray Reddy let slip that Google Canada is getting ready to roll out Google Offers for¬†Canadians. Many people questioned if Google offers would ever gain any form of momentum and be able to be a viable competitor for Groupon. It seems now however that with Groupon slowing down as it stumbles towards an IPO, Google is taking advantage of it’s massive resources and¬†infrastructure and already gearing towards launching in at least one other country.

Needless to say Google offers will be well welcomed in Canada where Groupon is a popular savings resource. We’ll be sure to keep our Canadian readers posted!



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